The Hidden Addiction

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A gambling addiction can be devastating. This disease affects a person’s self-worth, their relationships with others, their financial livelihood, and so much more. Problem and compulsive gambling is referred to as a “hidden addiction”, because suffering persons often appear normal on the outside. Like alcohol and substance abuse, the disorder does not discriminate and affects persons from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Sports Betting FAQs

Friends enjoying the game

When practiced safely and responsibly, sports betting can be an entertaining and enjoyable pastime for some people. However, when not practiced with a safer gambling plan, wagering on sports can lead to financial hardships, strained relationships, and potentially addiction.

Responsible gaming is built upon recognizing problem signs and taking appropriate measures to protect oneself and others from harm. Making sure you understand the risks involved in all types of gambling, including sports betting, should be part of your safer gambling plans.  

Sports Betting: Love the game, not the gamble.

Friends keeping it fun

It can be enjoyable to place a bet on your chosen team or the big game, especially when you are doing it with friends or family.

Betting should not be a replacement for your hobbies or a way to earn income, and winning a bet should not be more important than cheering on your hometown team with your friends and family.

Remember to make a plan …  

  • Keep it fun
  • Keep it social
  • Set limits
  • Recognize the risk
  • Know when to stop

Know when to pause ...