Take a Break from Gambling!

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30 Days and 30 Ways to Take a Break Challenge

Are you considering taking a break from gambling?  Try our “30 Days and 30 Ways to Take a Break” wellness challenge!

How do I know when to take a break from gambling?


  • You feel you are ready to make a change
  • You feel like taking a break could be helpful to you
  • Your urge to gamble is taking over your life and causing undue stress 
  • You are experiencing problems in your daily life related to your finances, health, relationships, school or work, or the law

How can I take a break from gambling? Here's a few ways that can help ......

  • 24 HOUR PAUSE – One of the easiest ways to take a break from gambling is known as taking a 24 Hour Pause.  A player can take a 24 hour pause from gambling at anytime by signing into their alc.ca online players account.  Although a person taking a pause can sign into their account, while they are on a 24-hour pause they are unable to make a deposit or wager. 
  • SELF-EXCLUSION – Another way people choose to take a break from their gambling is called self-exclusion.  Self-exclusion programs have been adopted in many places world-wide to help you control your gambling. When you choose to self-exclude from gambling you are agreeing with land-based or online gambling operators to abstain from gambling for a specific time.  Self-exclusion can help you to take a break from gambling and focus on the other important aspects of your life such as your finances or relationships. In addition, you may gain awareness and access to additional community supports that can help you in your recovery process.  For more information on taking a 24-Hour Pause or the Self Exclusion Program at Atlantic Lottery, click here.
  • REACH OUT – Reach out to trusted family members or friends for support.  Let them know what you are experiencing so they can call to check in on you or simply lend a listening ear.  If you find that you are still struggling with gambling after self-exclusion you may wish to seek further information or a referral for counselling from the PEI Gambling Support Line 1-855-255-4255 – a FREE, 24 hour, 7 day a week service for Islanders You may also explore the information found in the Where can Islanders ask questions and get support section on our website. Here you can find peer support options like Gambler’s Anonymous and other community resources. 
  • TRY NEW ACTIVITIES - Look to replace your gambling with a variety of activities that you enjoy.  Check out our “30 days and 30 ways to take a break” challenge. Challenge yourself (or grab your family or a friend) to try one or all the ideas here. We have included ideas for shorter breaks (30 minutes or less) and longer breaks as well as tracking checklists to help you stay on track – you can even create your own check list that includes bucket list items or your own favorite activities.  Pick your favorite idea or the easiest to start with – the most important thing is that you start!