Caring for Yourself While Caring for A Loved One with Gambling Addiction

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Make Self-Care a Priority!

Caring for a loved one with a gambling addiction and other concurrent addictions can be very demanding on you.  You may notice physical, mental, emotional or other signs that you are experiencing stress or burnout. It is important to take care of yourself and improve the quality of your own life despite how the addiction may be affecting others in your midst.   A person is unable to offer care and compassion to another if they don’t take care of themselves first.  A healthy caregiver is a good caregiver.  

Budgeting for Gambling – Being Proactive!

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Create a budget!

The first step in creating a budget is finding an effective tool for budgeting that is easy to use.

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada has created an online budget planner that can help you create a customized budget in three easy steps.  You can even save your work online and come back to it.  The tool will give you tips and suggestions that can help you to figure out your next steps.  It can also create charts to help you see where your money goes.  If you want, you also have the option to compare your budget with other Canadians like you.