PEI Gambling Support Line

#1-855-255-4255  We can help!

The PEI Gambling Support Line #1-855-255-4255 is a 24 hour, free and confidential phone helpline for those worried about gambling or the gambling of others.

You can call us to receive immediate support by a trained Island based counsellor, or for information services for gambling supports.  We are here to help! 

Our services are provided to all Islanders:

  • who are, or have been experiencing harms from gambling
  • who may be in crisis from gambling related harms
  • family and friends concerned about someone else's gambling
  • youth, teens and young adults experiencing gaming and gambling harms

At the PEI Gambling Support Line:

  • All calls will be answered by local, knowledgeable mental health professionals here on PEI.
  • We offer you support from a trained counsellor when in crisis, and if necessary, provide crisis intervention.
  • We offer phone support and counselling to encourage you when making the changes you want to make about gambling.
  • We can inform you about gambling self-help tools and other literature that you may find helpful.
  • We can provide information about in-person counselling through PEI Mental Health and Addiction Services, Gambling Support Groups on PEI, Gamblers Anonymous meetings, and any other gambling related services to assist you.
  • Callers will be offered supportive open access counselling Island-wide.  This is where anyone requesting services can walk in to speak with a mental health or addictions counsellor in person.  No appointment or referral is required.
  • Translation services are available in many languages to be able to best serve all Islanders.
  • We can call you back, discreetly, for ongoing check-in support and encouragement.
  • A mobile mental health response service will also be available from a team of trained health care professionals that can provide in-person care when situations require more than phone-based support (available 10am-10pm daily).    
  • If you choose to attend in-person counselling, we can provide ongoing support and encouragement between your appointments when you call us.
  • We offer support for youth, teens and young adults experiencing gaming and gambling harms. 
  • We can provide resources for general gambling information.

How we work with you … 

Our services are provided 24/7 on a free, confidential basis throughout PEI by Island based counsellors who have specialist training and experience. 

When you call us we will:

  • listen to you
  • examine the problems or issues with you
  • explore possible ways to address these issues
  • assist you by working with you to determine your next steps
  • give you choices around what you want to do next, such as in-person counselling, strategies that may assist you, self-help resources to work with, and information for you. We also offer self-help options on our website 
  • offer continued future support whenever you call back

Mental Health and Addictions Open Access Counselling

Get mental health and addiction support when you need it.  Open Access Counselling is being implemented in all Community MH&A sites across the province. It provides an evidence-based approach that promotes timely access to mental health and addictions support by inviting people to engage in counselling on their terms.

At Open Access Counselling you can speak with a mental health or addictions counsellor. No appointment or referral is required. Simply drop in. Available hours, locations, and contact information can be found at

Sessions last up to 60 minutes. There may be a small wait when you arrive, but you will be connected with a counsellor as soon as possible.


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