Underage Gambling in Pictures

youth gambling

Making good memories!

adults playing a video game with children

Making good memories in childhood when happily gambling as a family can lead a few individuals in a population to use gambling as an escape later in life as he/she seeks out good memories from the past.

Eyeing VLT colors, sounds, lights!

little boy playing a video game

Eyeing VLT colors, sounds, lights when playing alone in childhood can lead a few individuals in a population to reminisce and return to these happy memories later in life when trying to fill a void. The speed and continuous play of VLTS are known to be associated with gambling disorder.

Just like adults!

children playing cards with beer bottles on the table

Childhood exposure to adult behaviors such as gambling and alcohol may plant entertainment practices. Under repeated and stressful circumstances, gradually gambling disorder may develop. Drinking can lead to gambling, and gambling can lead to drinking – a powerful combination when used repeatedly.

Gambling without knowing it!

young girl buying something online

GAMBLING is: risking  something of value to win something else (often of greater value) by chance. Playing for money in youth can establish a habit that through repeated behavior and/or stressful circumstances can develop into gambling disorder. The role of money is obvious only when finances spiral out of control.

Tears and a struggle!

child upset because a tablet is being taken away from him

A child may cry, beg, and struggle when a favorite device is taken away. An adult may suffer withdrawal when facing similar circumstances. Both ages are exhibiting signs of overattachment which indicate that it is time to seek an intervention to avert possible progression to gambling disorder if money is involved.

Phone access to freemiums!

teenagers watching something on his phone

Freemiums (free social media games) do not involve money and are not gambling. However, with repeated use and enjoyment a player may be prompted to lay down money for more rewards and more enjoyment, and gradually progress to gambling and maybe gambling disorder.