30 ways to take a LONGER break

Bike Ride

Looking to take a longer break from gambling?

Try some of our suggestions for 30 ways to take a longer break (30 minutes or more)


  1. Walking trails 
  2. Playgrounds 
  3. Bike ride (confederation trail
  4. Beaches
  5. Lighthouses
  6. Clam digging 
  7. Fishing ... PEI Fishing Locations Map   Popular Salt Water Angling Locations 
  8. Seniors activities from pages 10-18 of the PEI Senior's Guide (province wide) 
  9. Confederation Center of the Arts (free shows in the summer) 
  10. Volunteer
  11. Geo Caching 
  12. Online travel (free sites to do this) 
  13. Paint (rock painting, East Coast Art Party, etc.) 
  14. PEI Public Library – movies, music, books, e-books, instruments, snowshoes and more! 
  15. Tea or coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a while
  16. Phone or internet date with a friend
  17. Go for a picnic – pack some food and drinks, a blanket and head to a nearby picnic table, park or beach in PEI for a picnic to remember!
  18. Watch a movie
  19. Practice mindfulness (this can be done anywhere!)
  20. Community school courses 
  21. Help a friend or neighbour
  22. Journal (only need a pencil and paper)
  23. Color (coloring sheet and pencils)
  24. Sing!! Its free and you can do it in the shower!
  25. Listen to your favorite music or the radio
  26. Take a nap (at home in a comfy spot or outside on a beach or in the backyard)
  27. Cook your favorite meal or try a new recipe
  28. Research and plan a pretend getaway – with the money you save this month, put it towards your “trip fund”
  29. Watch a sunrise or sunset – never gets old
  30. Gardening (indoor window gardening and outdoor, community gardens