Staying on Track - A Guide to Remain Gambling-Free

Staying on Track is a program offered as part of a research project through the University of Calgary and the Alberta Gaming Research Institute. Its goal is to help people who have quit gambling to stay away from it for good. 

Many treatment programs for people with gambling problems offer participants the opportunity to attend support groups for long-term follow-up after treatment ends. Many people choose not to attend these groups. Staying on Track offers these individuals an alternative approach to preventing relapse. 

Many other problem gamblers quit gambling without the help of formal treatment. Staying on Track can offer these individuals additional help in overcoming this challenging addiction.

Staying on Track contains information that is based on research with problem gamblers who have successfully quit.

We ask you to read the Staying on Track booklet and then save it. Some of the information may be a review for you; other information may be new. Read the booklet from time to time to help you be prepared to prevent a return to gambling.

  1. Overview [PDF]
  2. Avoiding a Relapse [PDF]
  3. Taking Control of your Finances [PDF]
  4. Dealing with Urges [PDF]
  5. Changing your Thinking [PDF]
  6. Lifestyle Balance [PDF]
  7. Getting Back on the Wagon [PDF]
  8. Dealing with Mood and Substance Abuse Problems [PDF]

Download the full document - Staying on Track [PDF]