Youth Gambling – Video Games: From Gaming to Gambling

Group of children playing video games

Video games

Many Youth enjoy video gaming as a form of entertainment – the sights, sounds and content is often fun and engaging.  Video games are available in a variety of genres that appeal to everyone – they can be digital sports games, card games or boardgames.  They can be simulations (like flight simulators) or can be games that simulate everyday life.  Video games can also be interactive movies or TV shows (fiction and non-fiction) created and named after popular mainstream movies and shows.  Some video games are created to display their artistic genius in cinematics/music o

Gambling Myths

person sitting in front of a gambling machine

There are a lot of common gambling myths out there. Here’s the real deal on some of them:

Myth: I can develop skills or strategies to influence the outcome on a Video Lottery Terminal (VLT).

Fact: The thing is, all results are completely random. You can’t influence what happens. The machine is going to do what it’s going to do, and machines must meet regulatory standards to be used. There are no strategies or skills that can change that.

Myth: If I lose money, I can win it back.