Youth Gambling – Talking Makes a Difference!

Adult and child talking

Talking Makes a Difference!

A bet on a hockey game. A friendly lunchtime card game. The purchase of a virtual loot box. While these activities may seem harmless, they can lead to serious problems. It’s a good idea to raise the issue of gambling with youth before it becomes a problem.

How to Start a Conversation

  1. Choose the right time: Initiating conversation after seeing a commercial about gambling, during a casual walk, on the couch after playing a video game together, or washing the dishes after a meal are all excellent opportunities to begin the discussion.
  2. Listen: When discussing issues, it’s important to actively listen, your youth will be more receptive to the message if it’s conversational and they have input.
  3. Keep it short: Short conversations will drive the message home. Long winded lectures may have your teen tuning out before too long.
  4. Be relevant: Tailor the conversation to their interests. For example: If your child enjoys playing sports type video games, consider discussing eSports betting, or loot boxes relevant to their gaming experience.
  5. Talk about the risks: Talk about the risks posed by non-casino games, like sports betting, poker, online gambling, and gaming
  6. Reveal the hidden signs of a problem: like hiding debts, skipping classes or work
  7. Lead by example: Youth learn from your gambling habits. If you talk about responsible gambling and have a plan to protect yourself, they will too
  8. Connect with local resources: PEI Gambling Support Line (24/7/365): 1-855-255-4255
  9. For more tips on how to talk to your kids about gambling visit the Responsible Gambling Council website.