Gambling and video gaming

video game

The difference between video gaming and online gambling is hazy. Both are on your phone or computer, involve skill and chance, and stimulate your mind. Also, gaming platforms often include incorporate gambling-like features such as loot boxes.

Studies have shown that there's a link between online gaming and gambling.

Online gambling is more likely to encourage risky gambling habits. Being able to do it almost anywhere makes it easier to gamble more often, which can also cause problems. Gambling for the purpose of getting a "high" can result in risky gambling behavior.

Random chance, in-app purchases, and other gambling-like features can all be present in video games. So, even though gaming isn't viewed as betting (because there isn't generally a chance of losing anything of significant worth), it presents similar dangers and outcomes. This can make it difficult to use good judgement and it may keep you playing for much longer than you anticipated. 

If you’re worried about the risks associated with gambling there are a variety of online support groups and resources available to you right now.

You can also call the PEI Gambling Support Line at 1-855-255-4255 (toll-free) to speak with a trained professional who can provide you with a variety of supportive services such as, information about in-person counselling through Addiction Services, Gamblers Anonymous meetings, SMART Recovery meetings, and other resources. Callers may also choose to be referred to Addiction Services for counselling. Parents or youth concerned about their gaming behavior may contact the sources described above.