Problem Gambling 101 - CAMH tutorial

Click on this link "MH 101 - Problem Gambling" to check out this online tutorial from CAMH's "Mental Health and Addictions 101" series.


MH 101 - Problem Gambling Tutorial

This tutorial is intended for people who:

  • work in non-clinical roles in the substance use and mental health fields
  • encounter people with substance use of mental health problems, in any work setting
  • have friends or family with substance use or mental health problems

Disclaimer from CAMH: Information in this tutorial is not to be used for diagnosis, treatment or referral services

The tutorial provides basic information about problem gambling, including:

  • how gambling is defined
  • how games of chance work
  • what problem gambling is
  • the effects of problem gambling
  • the signs of problem gambling
  • how problem gambling is treated