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​​PEI Gambling Support Line: 

 #1-855-255-4255 24h phone icon

It's ok to talk about your gambling worries, you are not alone. We can help!  

Call the PEI Gambling Support line at 1-855-255-4255 for FREE, confidential and dedicated telephone support service.

The phone line is available to all Islanders 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no time limit on calls.  

You can call the support line for yourself, a family member, a friend, co-worker or affected other.

Healthy play, all the way ...

The ways in which Islanders may gamble is always evolving in these modern times.  So too are the risks that come with any type of gambling.  Whether your gambling involves lottery tickets, casino games, horse racing or sports betting, slot machines, or video lottery terminals (VLTs), the consequences of gambling harms can cause serious problems for you and your loved ones.

The PEI Gambling Support Program is here to help with education and tools to promote healthy play, to minimize gambling risk, and to provide helpful resources and support for those experiencing gambling harms and their loved ones, so they can reach out whenever needed.

Whether you’re:

The PEI Gambling Support Program is here to help!