Family Violence Prevention Week 2024

Family Violence Prevention Week 2024

Family Violence Prevention Week is May 13-19 and this year’s theme is Strong Beginnings: Resiliency in the Early Years. 

Communities and organizations across the Island will hold events throughout the week to engage people in conversation about family violence prevention, spread awareness, pay tribute to victims, and share tools and resources for victims and bystanders. 

  • “Investing in the well-being of our children from the outset is key to building a safer and more resilient society for all. Together, we can work to break the cycle of violence and create a future where every child can thrive in a nurturing and secure environment.”   - Premier Dennis King

The events and activities taking place include readings, lunch and learns, community forums, walks in silence and more. For the full schedule of events, visit Family Violence Prevention Week

Gambling and Domestic and Inter-Partner Violence:

There are many forms of domestic violence. The most common are physical violence, psychological and emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. Harassment, stalking, neglect, and financial abuse are also forms of domestic harm. Domestic and inter-partner violence is a comorbidity associated with gambling and harmful gambling.

Harmful gambling involves the family in many ways. Families of problem gamblers are more likely to experience forms of domestic violence, and studies report high correlations between domestic abuse and the harms associated with gambling.

Problem gamblers can be both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Gamblers may take their anger over gambling losses out on their partner. Irritation when they cannot gamble may also result in the loss of control over emotions. Conflicts regarding financial problems may also arise and can result in physical altercations. As the stress of gambling related harms builds, the partner and the problem gambler are more likely to lash out, often resulting in inter-partner violence.

Children are also affected by harmful gambling. They may be witness to the violence between parents; a child may also be an easy target for a parent's stress and may suffer the physical and psychological consequences. 

Where to go for help:

Are you being abused? Are you looking for information to help you understand what’s happening and how to make positive choices for change?

If you are being abused, you need to know that you do not ‘deserve' it. You are not to blame for the violence or threats. Every human being has the right to live his or her own life without fear. There is nothing you can do to control the abuser's behaviour. The abuser is using abusive behaviour in an attempt to control you. If the abuse is allowed to continue it will probably get worse.

There are many services available on PEI that can help you. If you are not ready to do anything right now, that is your choice and it is okay.

If you, or your loved one is in need of help with gambling related harms, the PEI Gambling Support Line #1-855-255-4255 is available 24/7 for confidential assistance and support.